Name: Matthew Horne                     


2012 – 2017         Self Taught Full Stack Development primarily with PHP as a core language via Udemy and Code Academy.

2010 – 2011         TESOL Cert IV

2006 – 2008         NVQ lvl 2 in Telecommunications via the army.


I am a self-taught web developer with over 6 years of experience developing websites primarily for WordPress with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax, JSON, jQuery and I am comfortable with package managers such as NPM. I have developed or worked on websites for numerous popular bloggers such as Pat Flynn, Kim Roach, Rob Cesternino, Author Paul Gilster and award-winning Photographer Cengiz Ozelsel.

Website Efficiency is a key area for me, I started my career optimizing websites back in 2012 and have carried this drive throughout my career.

Since 2016 I started to learn more advanced JavaScript and AngularJS with the hope of eventually working with these technologies full time. While PHP is my primary language, AngularJS is the most interesting, fun and practical language I have used so far.

As a freelance developer I have had to learn how to negotiate and communicate regularly with clients. Good communication is crucial to maintaining good relationships and putting your clients at ease.

As a developer I insist on writing clean and efficient code that is easy to read and maintain. I am comfortable working in a team and have experience using a range of IDEs such as PHPstorm and VS Code. I have some experience with the MEAN stack, but this is something I want to progress in as I move my career forward.

I have also run a dedicated server since 2012 and have reasonable knowledge of managing and debugging server related issues.

Employment Summary: 

Jan 2015 – Present             DIYthemes           Lead Developer

  • Hired on a contractual basis as a lead developer for the popular WordPress framework Thesis 2.
  • Work entails working on updates and support for the Thesis core and Skins (Themes) as well as addressing compatibility issues and developing the core API.
  • Thesis is a fully Object Orientated framework, so all development is Object orientated.
  • Developed 2 base Skins for Thesis (Flex and Effectus) which included custom features like automated responsive videos, sticky headers, display options to allow users to have finer controls over feautres.

Apr 2012 – Present            Self-Employed    Web Developer

  • I have worked for some popular online bloggers such as Pat Flynn, Kim Roach and Rob Cesternino, as well as Author Paul Gilster and award-winning Photographer Cengiz Ozelsel.
  • Work involves developing bespoke Themes from scratch with custom features that are tailored for each site. I try to avoid plugins where possible to improve the overall performance and maintainability of websites.
  • Recent work has involved using package managers and NPM to better manage projects and use tools like SASS compilers, auto-prefixers.
  • I developed a custom drag and drop gallery UI which uses a Custom Post Type to display Galleries which I frequently use in projects.

Apr 2006 – Mar 2010       British Army       Infantry/Signaler

  • Attached to Headquarter Company, my role was to establish, maintain and operate front line communications and liaise critical information between headquarters and operators on the ground. This involved learning about different communication systems and working under extreme pressure whilst maintaining a sense of calmness.
  • As a member of the household division, I performed royal duties in London outside the palaces. This requires a strong sense of commitment and dedication towards one’s duties.


eDatingDoc –

Bespoke Website for the eDatingDoc, mobile friendly and well optimized for speed and efficiency. The Theme is custom developed from scratch as that is the best way to reduce excess that often accompanies frameworks.

Adagion Studio

Bespoke Website for International Award-winning photographer Cengiz Ozelsel.

Fotosmarts (Still Under Development)

Fotosmarts will be an educational website for Cengiz Ozelsel to share his vast wealth of experience to fledgling photographers.


  • Personal Website:
  • CodePen:
  • I have a home office with a powerful PC and a MacBook, iPhone and access to Android Phones.
  • Interests: self-improvement, video games, building PCs, open source projects
  • Familiar with both Windows and Mac OS.