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Learning PHP 101 – While & Do-While Loops

Loops are structures that can execute a set of statements multiple times. They save us time and make code management simpler. Each type of loop serves to fit different scenarios. It is important that you chose the right loop for the job. Remember: The for loop is used to loop through a block of code […] Read More

Learning PHP 101 – For & Foreach Loops

Programmers often have to repeat blocks of code a given number of times or until a certain condition is met and we can achieve this by either typing out each iteration like so: <?php echo "1"; echo "2"; echo "3"; echo "4"; // and so on ?> or we can use a for loop. <?php […] Read More

Learning PHP 101 – Arrays

An array is a list of items that can be stored in a single variable. Imagine making a list of things to do and each item is listed on its own sticky note. Before you know it your entire desk would be covered in sticky notes. The alternative is to group these items together in […] Read More

Learning PHP 101 – Conditionals and Control Flows

Conditionals and control flows are one of the most useful and common functions in PHP. If statements allow you to make decisions within your code. Together with comparisons you can ask simple yes/no questions and provide different outcomes for each. Lets say you need people to declare their age before you can display some content […] Read More

Learning PHP 101 – Introduction

PHP is one of the most powerful server side programing languages in use to date. It powers most of the sites you see on the web and is a great way to kick start your developer career off. We all learn to code in our own way and writing it down is the best way […] Read More

Flex Grid without Extra HTML markup

Flex is a CSS property that allows developers to more easily layout and align content. Flex has been a long time coming and something that has been sorely missing from the developers arsenal for a long time. But finally it is supported widely enough to be deployed and utilized as an essential part of development […] Read More

Remove Extra 10px from Captions

WordPress by default adds an extra 10px to the width of the container that wraps images with captions. This is because the default styling for captions has a thin border that surrounds the entire image. In a recent design I decided I wanted to caption images in a slightly different way and just have the […] Read More

Make Embedded YouTube & Vimeo Videos Responsive

Embedding videos in WordPress is really very simple. Just paste the Video URL into the visual editor and boom! Magic happens! But there is one minor issue. These videos are not responsive by default and will scale incorrectly like this. There are  a number of ways you could fix this, you could go into text […] Read More

Add Defer & Async Attributes to WordPress Scripts

WordPress developers often enqueue scripts incorrectly and sometimes it was done for a reason because WordPress didn't have a simple way to add the new'ish async and defer attributes, but that is no longer the case. Since Version 4.1 a new filter has been introduced that finally provides a less painful solution to add async or defer […] Read More

Adding Additional Schema Types to Thesis 2

Thesis 2 comes with a Schema API built in which has some common Schema types added by default, but did you know you can add your own additional Schema with a simple filter. Thesis has the following common Schema types built in: article creativework recipe review Adding additional schema requires two simple filters that can […] Read More

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