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Add Defer & Async Attributes to WordPress Scripts

WordPress developers often enqueue scripts incorrectly and sometimes it was done for a reason because WordPress didn't have a simple way to add the new'ish async and defer attributes, but that is no longer the case. Since Version 4.1 a new filter has been introduced that finally provides a less painful solution to add async or defer […] Read More

JavaScript Primitives Types

JavaScript has 6 primitive data types (a primitive type is data that is not an object) which lets the JavaScript engine differentiate between different categories of data and they are as follows. string number boolean undefined null symbol (new in ECMAScript 2015) // Strings "Hello World with double quotes" 'Hello World with single quotes' "28" // see note […] Read More

How to Install Python and PIP on Windows 10

Recently I had to install Python on Windows 10 so I could use Closure Linter in PHPstorm. This is a simple guide to show you exactly what to do to install Python and PIP on your Windows 10 machine. The first step is to download Python from and select the most recent version to […] Read More

WordPress: Get the ID for the Front Page and Home

Normally in WordPress if you wanted to access an ID for a post or page you would reference the global $post variable. However, what if you wanted to access the ID for the Home and Front Page templates? In that case you will need to reference the stored ID from the WordPress database using the […] Read More

CSS Center an Element Vertically and Horizontally

Some times you just need to position something right in the middle. This used to be a tricky endeavor but these days you can just use something as simple as the example below. This is what I use and it works rather well. .parent-class { position: relative; } .center-absolutely {     position: absolute;        […] Read More

Matching Pairs for an AngularJS Gallery

Recently I was working on a gallery using AngularJS for some upcoming projects and one of the requirements for this gallery was for it to self recognize pairs of images based upon orientation. To begin I built a basic Angular App and and within the main controller I added an array of objects that would […] Read More

JavaScript 101- Fundamentals

As a developer learning new skills is a necessary part of self improvement as well as a great way to diversify your skill set. Different programming languages open different doors and depending on the task at hand you may need to call upon a variety of different languages to achieve a specific set of goals. […] Read More

JavaScript Array Types

JavaScript arrays come in different forms and this post will explain what the difference is between each array type. This post will look at the following array types; Homogeneous arrays Heterogeneous arrays Multidimensional arrays Jagged arrays As the name may suggest a homogeneous array is an array that stores a single data type(string, int or […] Read More

AngularJS Cheatsheet

AngularJS is an amazingly simple, powerful framework and something you should all learn. The simplicity and power of this framework should make any developer excited. This is a cheatsheet to remind me of the general process of creating a typical AngularJS app. This document is intended for developers familiar with AngularJS. If non of this […] Read More

Learning PHP 101 – Custom Functions

Although PHP has a lot of built in functions. Developers often need to write their own functions in order to achieve their objectives. Functions are useful for eliminating repetition, but they can also be used to perform complex tasks and can even be used to group together a series of functions to output a particular […] Read More

Learning PHP 101 – Built In Functions

Functions are reusable bits of code that you use throughout a project. They help to better organize your application as well as eliminate the need to copy/paste repetitive pieces of code. In an ideal world an application should not have multiple functions doing the same thing. PHP has a lot! of built in functions and […] Read More

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