About Matthew Horne

Welcome to my personal website, my name is Matthew Horne and I am a web developer and problem solver from the North of England.

I began my online career as a Website and Server Optimization specialist after I noticed in early 2012 that almost every website I visited was in dire need of help. It seemed like nobody really cared about being efficient “SEO was the buzz word of the day”.

I began by offering a WordPress Optimization Service which as far as I am aware was the first of its kind (since I searched “WordPress Optimization Service” and came up with nothing). This is not the case anymore, a quick search will return quite a few different companies offering such services.

This service was met with some degree of success and I was rapidly noticed for my efforts.

In 2013 I started learning PHP and quickly become competent at it.

After a few years of lone-wolfing, I was inundated with requests to build websites as well as perform Optimization Services which is great and all – however trying to find people who share the same degree of passion as you proved to be far too difficult for expansion.

Starting in January 2015 I took up an offer to work with Chris Pearson at Diythemes where I would be able to focus on product development both at Diythemes as well as enhance my own skill-set.

…  and that’s the story so far folks.