Who is Matthew Horne

Welcome to my personal website.

My name is Matthew Horne and I am a web developer and problem solver from the North of England – “That’s right, there are Technically minded Northerners”.

I began my online career as a Website and Server Optimization specialist after I noticed in early 2012 that almost every website I visited was in dire need of help. It seemed like nobody gave a crap about being efficient “SEO was the buzz word of the day”.

I began by offering a WordPress Optimization service which as far as I am aware was the first of its kind¬† – since I searched “WordPress Optimization Service” and came up with nothing. This is not the case anymore, a quick search will return quite a few different companies offering such services.

This was met with some degree of success and I was rapidly noticed for my efforts.

In 2013 I started learning PHP and quickly become competent at it. It seems strange that it only took a year to become as competent as I am today, but then again I was relentless at it and there is still much for me to learn. But I am at a level in which I can plan and execute my ideas in code – which is always nice.

My rapid acquisition of knowledge about coding is largely because I adopted Thesis 2 as my platform for development and as a result I refrained from becoming another copy/paste developer. Thesis allowed me to do what all good developers should be able to do. Take an idea from inception to reality in the most efficient way possible relative to my own abilities which changes frequently as self improvement is an endless task.

After a few years of lone-wolfing I was inundated with requests to build websites as well as perform Optimization Services which is great and all – however trying to find people who share the same degree of passion as you proved to be far too difficult for expansion.

Starting in January 2015 I took up an offer to work with Chris Pearson at Diythemes where I would be able to focus on product development both at Diythemes.

…¬† and that’s the story so far folks.